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Young Adult birthdays

we savour Luke

18 -22 years

IMG_2989 (Luke and Ethan blemished fixed

Luke (22) spent the Saturday after his March 9th, 2017 birthday celebrating with brunch at District Cafe and dinner at Rosso with Ethan (18)  and his parents.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to you Luke
on your 21st Birthday (March 9, 2016)

22nd Birthday

Luke (22) announcing the results of the University of Alberta's Student Union Election on March 9, 2017, his birthday. He was one of two Deputy Returning Officers.

21st Birthday (2016)

Luke's parents hosted a dinner for Luke's friends at the Blue Plate Diner for his 21st birthday, including Ian, Will pictured here.

21st Birthday (2016)

Luke (21) celebrating with the Grandparents (Jansen)

20th Birthday (2015)

Everything is possible in your 20's as the cake's side says. Ian, Luke and Caleb are ready! (Drummer Will happened to not be present for the surprise.)

20th Birthday Cake (2015)

Showed up at band practice with this cake a day before Luke's 20th birthday.

20th Birthday (2015)

Luke (20) trying to capture his one year old look!

19th Birthday (2014)

Luke (19) finds his vinyl collection apparently serious business.

19th Birthday (2014)

Luke (19) goofing around with "the parents" on March 9, 2014; good thing Ethan snapped a photo.

18th Birthday (2013)

Luke out for a drink on his 18th.

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