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Luke Jansen loved music. Music was his way of reaching out to the world; music was the world’s way of reaching back. And yet, he was more than a musician—Luke was a debater and critical thinker, a skilled writer, a mentor. For Luke, living life creatively and analytically made life good. And we can’t help but wonder what he would be making, listening to and discussing if he were here today.


As we approached the first anniversary of his passing on October 6, we breathed life into the things he loved in the best way we knew how: a night of live music with some of Luke’s favourite artists from Edmonton and beyond. Think of it as a night Luke would be stoked to attend with his friends, family and fellow music lovers. Everyone was invited to join in this evening in the spirit of a fabulous guy who so many of us knew and loved.


It was a great night of connection!


Enjoy watching the artists who performed for Luke.

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Nolia Jarvis - Do You Love Your Song.jpg
Lucas Chaisson - Do You Love Your Song.j
Kat Zel - Do You Love Your Song.jpg
Maddie Storvold - Do You Love Your Song.
Keltie - Do You Love Your Song.jpg
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