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Always Love Being Your Mom

Luke and Ethan

2017 Mother's Day Sunday

2017 Mother's Day Sunday dinner with the four of us, and Brad's parents. On the Saturday Luke and his parents went "Moving Out in June" shopping for some items he wanted at IKEA and at Maven & Grace on Whyte Ave.

2017 Mother's Day Weekend

2017 Mother's Day Weekend Friday dinner at Vicky's

2016 Belated Mother's Day

In 2016, Luke (21 yrs) takes Z'Anne to Iconoclast Coffee for a belated celebration, as he was at the Music Cities conference in Toronto on Mother's Day weekend.

2016 Mother's Day

2016 Mother's Day dinner with Brad, Ethan, Stu & Marilyn. Luke flies home from Toronto at night.

2016 Mother's Day lunch

2016 Mother's Day Lunch Ethan takes Z'Anne to Little Brick in Edmonton

2015 Mother's Day

2015 Mother's Day dinner. Luke (20 yrs) and Mom (Z'Anne) ate a delicious steak dinner with Brad, Ethan and Luke's paternal grandparents.

2015 Mother's Day

2015 Mother's Day Lunch outdoors at Farrow sandwich shop on 109 Street

2015 Saturday at Cafe Mosaic

2015 Saturday at Café Mosaic. Thanks for lunch out on Mother's Day weekend Ethan!

2014 Mother's Day

2014 Mother's Day Eating with lunch in the basement while our kitchen is renovated - yes! Went to Brad parents for dinner too.

2013 Mother's Day

2013 Mother's Day Gifts from Luke and Ethan, including a Hey Romeo CD. Dinner at home, the 4 of us and Brad's parents. Hot and sunny day!

2012 Mother's Day

2012 Mother's Day Luke (17), Ethan (13) and Mom (Z'Anne). Watched Ethan pitch the first 4 innings of his 1 pm baseball game. Brad cooked us 4 and Brad's parents a lovely dinner.

2011 Mother's Day

It's Sunday May 8, 2011. Only Luke (the photographer, 16 yrs) and Z'Anne (Mom) are home in Sherwood Park. Brad and Ethan are in Ontario for a very special 90th birthday celebration with Brad's paternal grandmother Hulda Jansen.

2010 Mother's Day

In 2010, I spent my first Mother's Day away from my 2 dear sons. I was flying home from an early 20th wedding anniversary trip to Paris on Sunday May 9th, and our flight was delayed due to ash in the atmosphere from an Icelandic volcano eruption. When we got home in the wee hours of Monday May 10th this Mother's Day surprise of flowers, chocolate and a card was in place by Luke (15 yrs) and Ethan (11 yrs)

2009 Mother's Day

2009 Mother's Day was an extra precious one. My own Mom (Karen Ann Harvey, Luke & Ethan's Grandma) had battled back from a reoccurrence of her breast cancer and was back home from 2 months in the hospital. From left to right: Luke (14 yrs), Z'Anne, Karen Ann (65 yrs) and Ethan (10 yrs). We laughed and seized the day together and I am sure glad Brad took this picture to remind us of this day. She died June 11, 2009 at home as she had wanted.

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