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Christmas 2007 to 2012

Christmas 2007

Please click on each picture to see the whole photo and get a description of the who, what and when the photo is about!

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve at the
Jansen Grandparent's Home

4 Generations for
Great Grandma Hulda Jansen (nee Erling)

Left to right:
Luke Jansen (Great Grandson),
Brad Jansen (Grandson)
Hulda Jansen
Ethan Jansen (Great Grandson)
Stuart Jansen (Son)

Christmas Dinner at The Harvey-Jansen's
December 25, 2009

Left to right:
Luke Jansen,
Uncle Darrell Harvey
Cousin Felix Harvey
Aunt Katie Rollwagen
Ethan Jansen
Brad Jansen

Christmas 2010

2010-12-24 IMG_0034 Mom (Z'Anne) and Luke.JPG

Both photos for this year were on Christmas Eve (December 24th, 2010). 


First Mom (Z'Anne) and Luke (15 years) before or after the Christmas Eve church service.  Second Luke (15, grade 10) and Ethan (12 years, grade 6) setting themselves up for a delivery from Santa the next day.

2010-12-24 Christmas Eve IMG_0044 Luke and Ethan - Brothers with their stockings.JPG

Christmas 2011

2011-12-24 IMG_3033 Ethan, Z'Anne, Brad, Luke (touched up).JPG

Above Christmas Eve Harvey-Jansen family photo - Ethan (13 years), Brad, Luke (16 years) at home. 


Below Christmas Day dinner out near Tofield at Aunty Pam and Uncle John's house.  From left to right Megan Jansen, Luke Jansen, Amanda Shular, Ethan Jansen, Tyler Jansen, Samuel Mueller, Bryan Shular - all cousins.

2011-12-25 Jansen 1st and 2nd cousins IMG_3048 at Pam and John's Tofield acreage.JPG

Christmas 2012

2012-12-24 IMG_7753 Christmas Eve.JPG

Above a family tradition continues with taking photos with the stockings our Mom made for us.  Luke 17 and Ethan 14 years.


Below Christmas Morning - What is in Luke's stocking at age 17 years - Pringles, Cineplex movie passes, Perrier water, chocolate and more chocolate...

2012-12-25 IMG_7758 Luke (17 years) (touched up) at home opening Santa stocking.JPG
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