2017 Thanksgiving
Luke passed away on the Friday October 6, 2017 of the Thanksgiving weekend. We (his Mom, Dad and brother) spent quiet time in his room in his Edmonton home on Thanksgiving Monday.
2016 Thanksgiving
Luke's Aunt Monika took this photo of the guys doing Thanksgiving dishes. (Luke 21 yrs, left)
2015 Thanksgiving at home
Luke (20 yrs), Ethan, Z'Anne (Mom)
2014 Thanksgiving in Calgary
Grandfather and Grandson - getting their plates filled with food - Stuart Jansen, Luke (19 years)
2013 Thanksgiving
Aunt Pam, Uncle John, Papa & Grandma Jansen, Luke (18 yrs), Daria, Ethan
2012 Thanksgiving 2
Z'Anne (Luke & Ethan's Mom), Marilyn & Stuart (Luke & Ethan's paternal grandparents), Luke (17 yrs), Ethan (13 yrs)
2012 Thanksgiving 1
2011 Thanksgiving in Calgary
Ethan, Sam Mueller and Luke at Uncle Wayne & Aunt Monika's house in Calgary.
2010 Thanksgiving
At home for Thanksgiving

Brad (Luke's Dad), Pam (Luke's Aunt), Luke (15 yrs), Ethan (Luke's brother), behind the camera Luke's Mom Z'Anne
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