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Photography by Luke Jansen

Reflecting on My Own Leadership – Luke Jansen

In the first half of 2013, Luke wrote this reflection on his leadership style and skills as an 18-year-old in grade 12.  Luke's Mom has added photos to go with the leadership areas.  Please remember this is Luke reflecting personally at a moment in time, and like each of you his perspective, learning and sense of self continued to change and grow.  May Luke's self-reflection for this application help you think about your own leadership, and also give you a glimpse of Luke in our lives.  Please treat these reflections with kindness and care.

IMG_5795 FLI Luke Jansen.JPG


Facey's Leadership Initiative (FLI)

Through my role in Facey's Leadership Initiative (FLI) I demonstrate my leadership qualities everyday. I am a resourceful leader that others in the group lean on to find a solution during the actual execution of an event. I pride myself in knowing and remembering the small details about the situation I am working in so when I am asked for a solution, I have the knowledge to find one. I am an open minded and innovative leader who has no issue with ideas that stray from the normal way of working. I may not usually be the source of the innovative idea but I believe I have the foresight to not reject the idea as radical while I am leading. I would characterize myself as a effective communicator who has the ability to communicate to large crowds but also one on one. I am reliable and consistent as a leader. I will also delegate to another student so I can continue being consistent. I know my limit of what I can take on at any one time.


Basketball Official

As a referee I am able to show my vocal side as a leader. I am called upon to make hundreds of split-second decisions and I make them assertively. I have learned over my years of officiating to be extremely confident in my calls in order to gain the respect of the coaches, players and fans. I am also willing to admit my mistakes in games and not skate over them in order to not look bad. I employ a sense of humour in my interactions with players and coaches and this allows me to build relationships with them. Reffing has also taught me the importance of learning from those with more experience. I have the confidence to ask a senior official why they made a particular call and have them explain it to me. I am reliable as a referee as I have never once missed a game to which I committed.

IMG_3402 Luke ref.JPG
IMG_1762 Luke ref.JPG
From Closing Ceremonies 2013 video.jpg
Luke back row centre
Credit:  Closing Ceremonies Video 2013


Model United Nations

The primary aspect of leadership that I show through Model United Nations is effective communication. We debate and pass resolutions in our councils and the ability to speak to all delegates is vital. I lead my councils as I synthesize the opinions of delegates and the background information. Then, with others, I present a resolution to the organizers. In MUN I am a role model for the grade 10 and 11's coming in this year and through mock debates I, along with others, display the skills needed to be successful.


Youth Group (Gr 7-12)

Youth Group has provided me with a place to establish a strong set of values and morals. Through personal reflection I believe I have found what I think is ethical. I am firm in my beliefs but am open to hearing other beliefs as they help me to reflect on my own. In youth group I interact with other kids from the age of 4 or 5 up to 18. I'm proud that I have good relationships with kids from every age group and can talk to any of them without any trouble. Youth Group shows my commitment to my activities as I have missed less than four events since 2007.

Luke back row, fourth from the right (Sept 2012)
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