Easter 2017

Dinner at home
Good Friday April 14, 2017

Colorful Eggs in Basket
Colorful Eggs in Basket

In 2017, our family of four had our Easter dinner on Good Friday (April 14th) which was very unusual for us.  Ethan worked Thursday and Saturday 5-9 p.m. and Luke was busy working away on finishing his honours thesis now that classes were over.  


Immediately after Easter weekend Luke began his election assistant job with Strathcona County on Tuesday April 18, 2017. He still had one university final in Economics 222 upcoming on the 26th but the close of his work towards his BA Honours in Political Science was on the horizon.

Colorful Eggs in Basket
Colorful Eggs in Basket

Easter 2016

Nanaimo & Parksville, BC

Easter 2015    At Home

Easter 2014 collage.jpg
Easter 2013 collage.jpg

We love



Easter 2011

In England with our Doern extended family

Collage - Easter 2011.jpg

Easter 2010

Headed to Calgary on Saturday and enjoyed pizza supper.  Aunty Maureen hosted Easter dinner on Sunday April 4, 2010, but unfortunately so far do not have a single photo.

Image by Tim Gouw

Easter 2009

This year Grandma Karen Ann Harvey was in the hospital with cancer.  Luke and Ethan spent a number of hours with her on Saturday which helped her.  The photos include a prayer shawl she had just received from Sherwood Park United Church for Easter.


These photos show Luke and Ethan's unconditional love for their Grandma while she was sick (even smiling took energy she did not always have).  On Easter Sunday she went outside the front door of the hospital as she wanted to put her bare feet on the grass that April 12, 2009.  Thankfully she gained her strength and lived at home for two more months.  We lost her at the young age of 65.


On Easter Sunday, while Z'Anne stayed at the hospital with her Mom, the guys (Brad, Luke and Ethan) headed down the street to the Jansen Easter Celebration in Sherwood Park.  If anyone took pictures, we would love to add them to our treasured memories.

Easter 2008

This was a unique Easter celebration on the Jansen side at Aunty Pam and Uncle John's acreage.  Fostering dogs is a big part of their life, and there were a new set of puppies everyone got to hold that Saturday March 23, 2008 before and after Easter dinner.

2008-03-22 Easter 2008 - Sat March 22 at
Left to right:  Luke Jansen (13 years), Grandma Marilyn Jansen, Dad Brad Jansen,
cousin Samuel Mueller (7 years), Ethan Jansen (9 years)

Easter 2007

Easter Sunday dinner was at home on Sunday April 8th, which was fun.  Both Harvey's and Jansen's were present.  Second/third cousins the Shular's added to the fun.  Here are Bryan and Amanda playing hockey outside with Luke (12 years) on the right and goalie Ethan (8 years).

2007-04-08 Easter Sunday with Jansen's a

Easter 2006

Grandma Harvey joined the Harvey-Jansen four (Ethan 7 years, Luke 11 years) for dinner on Sunday April 16th, 2006.  A few decorations are "on theme" throughout the dining room as Z'Anne snaps the photo.

2006-04-16 Easter at home with Grandma K

Easter 2005

Although Grandma Harvey's calendar reminds us we had Easter dinner at her house on Saturday, and we think that might have meant there was an Easter dinner with Jansen's possibly on Sunday March 27th, Good Friday was actually the extra special day this year.

We went out for dinner with Z'Anne's Aunt Lenore Doern and her children and grandchildren to celebrate Lenore's 65th birthday on Friday March 25th, 2005, and here are two of many pictures taken that day to remember the fun.

2005-03-25 Good Friday dinner celebratin
2005-03-25 Colton Carr & Ethan Jansen -
Top photo:  Cousins Landyn Carr (almost 10 years), Luke Jansen (10 years), Z'Anne Harvey-Jansen

Bottom photo:  2nd cousins Colton Carr (8 years), Ethan Jansen (6 years)