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Why a Music Making Memorial?


Candice Anne Marshall of Starlight Music Chronicles & Limehead Radio interviewed Brad, Z'Anne and Ethan.

December 3, 2017

Interview on Limehead Radio - Candice Marshall
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June 22, 2017
North of Here

plays at Little Brick


Please enjoy listening to Luke making music

in different settings of his life.

2016 December

Christmas Must Be Tonight
The Band

2017 June 15-18

The Canadian Songwriter Challenge 2017

OCL Studios just outside Calgary

Luke was one of five songwriters who wrote this song at The Canadian Songwriter Challenge 2017.  We have a treasured version of Luke singing on the track, but first here is the version were are thrilled has been released by The Denim Daddies.


Written by: Rudiger Metsin, Rick Visser, Mariel Buckley, Ian St. Arnaud & Luke Jansen


Hopefully you'll purchase the music to support our professional musicians, and notice the credits on their webpage includes Luke's name - smiles!

Road Runner

The Denim Daddies


2017 August

Songbird / Heard My Name (North of Here)

Luke at Sofar Edmonton

2017 October

Leroy's Tribute to Luke on CKUA Radio

"Milk and Honey"

Natalie's In Loving Memory

"Not a method man"

A different song written at The Canadian Songwriter Challenge 2017 (Luke is part of the vocals on this one).


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